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Loco Claims

Below is a legal letter which clearly demonstrates at least a portion of the exceptionally dubious fabrications and assorted "claims" surrounding this Double Track Project and the dishonest foundation for its Categorical Exclusion Report being approved in the first place.  (See Steering Committee member Larry Potell's presentation on the Video Voices page for more about that.)

Metro's Categorical Exclusion Worksheet Document acted as a “fast pass” to implementation by bypassing normal citizen protections such as an Environmental Impact Report.

A member of the Sherwood Forest Home Owners Association (SFHOA) Board has stated that her engineering firm worked in some capacity for Metro on the Double Track Project for the last few years.   At the same time, this same individual was a Board member of the SFHOA.  Is it possible that Metro connected her involvement as a means of “plausible deniability” for its claims of public notification?  

If so, what might surprise the public even more is the following.  At a September 16, 2015 SFHOA Board meeting, witnesses at the meeting say that Metro's Don Sepulveda stated he didn't remember who he spoke to at the SFHOA as the basis for the claims made in the Catergorical Exclusion Worksheet. Poor memory?  Metro never directly contacted the SFHOA to give a presentation or notification. ( See Sherwood Forest HOA’s July 31 2015 letter below).  (Note that notification never happened for any actual residents affected living adjacent to the current track).  For anyone who worked in any capacity on the proposed Double Track Project to have any vote all by itself would be a clear ethical violation and conflict of interest  as far as representing homeowner‘s interests without bias.

If that wasn't bad enough, Metro made claims in the Categorical Exclusion document which have since been described as flatly "false" by the SFHOA.  The SFHOA has asked Don Sepulveda for a complete retraction of Metro’s statement.  See PDF LINK HERE or letter below. 
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