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Back in 1913, a single railroad track was installed in the San Fernando Valley running from Chatsworth to Burbank.  For 102 years, the stretch of track running from Tampa Boulevard to Woodley through residential neighborhoods has had a PERFECT safety record!  There is no need for a second track and a new and dangerous TRACK SHIFT, which would cause damage to the safety and overall quality of life for every single resident in our community.  Explore the rest of our website to understand exactly why, especially our Neighbors United page, which includes detailed presentations from members of our community.

North of Chatsworth Street, hundreds of miles of track stretching to Santa Barbara is single track.  Why on earth would any reasonable person place a DOUBLE TRACK including a DOUBLE TRACK shift within dangerous proximity to residential property lines and homes?  The answer is that no reasonable person would do such a thing, because the benefits are negligible compared to the potentially catastrophic possibilities.  Then add in the fact that Northridge is on top of an earthquake fault and the reasons for this project become even more unfathomable.

On August 25, 2015, Metro held a meeting to listen to the adamant objections of residents.  To his credit, CEO Phillip Washington immediately called for a halt to the project in order to completely reevaluate it.  Phillip Washington is listed on our key supporters page for putting a halt to the project until further notice.

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