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FOR PURPOSES OF CLARIFICATION:  Stefan Mayer attended the June 25 meeting.  However, the initial non-Agenda meeting Stefan attended where he first learned of the proposed Double Track was actually in April of 2015.  He then handed out flyers suggesting neighbors attend the next NSNC meeting on May 25, 2015.  At the May meeting, very little time was alotted by the NSNC to address the Double Track issue, which was frustrating to those attending.  Neighbor Tak Yu was one of those who attended the NSNC meeting in May and was especially helpful in taking the initiative thereafter to notify as many neighbors as possible, including those living in the Sherwood Forest area of Northridge, immediately north of the current single track.  

Because of Stefan's efforts and Tak's efforts, the June 25th meeting was filled to capacity with highly concerned neighbors totally opposed to the proposed Double Track.  It was at the June 25th meeting that the Citizens Against the Double Track Steering Committee was officially formed by the urging of the Northridge South Neighborhood Council NSNC President Chris Sales who told all potential volunteers of the fledgling committee that we must take complete "ownership" of the issue.  See "Railroaded" page for audio/video of his remarks.  Residents were promised directly by NSNC President Chris Sales that he would vote however those living with backyards next to the current track wished him to vote.
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